Thanksgiving celebrated on and off islands

Welcome to December! This year has flown by, possibly because we didn’t spend week after week shoveling snow heap after snow heap.

Many journeyed to the mainland this week to visit family members for Thanksgiving, but those who remained on GCI enjoyed good weather and a warm welcome at the Ladies Aid. About 25 people gathered together to celebrate with their community and enjoy a meal pieced together with plates from different households and a turkey cooked by our famed island chef, Mark Alley. Eileen Colby Richards said “we had everything from soup to nuts,” and there was plenty of food to go around. Little Audrey provided entertainment, in her pink suspenders, and with the good weather, people were even able to play outside. A big thanks goes to all those who made the Thanksgiving gathering possible.

Much travel for Thanksgiving. Joanne Thormann and her family were out on Islesford. Lindsay Eysnogle, Jason Pickering, and Lucy and Marina Pickering went off to Mount Desert Island; Marya Goettsche Spurling and Tor, and Christina Spurling and Andrew Trepenier joined Ted and Jeri Spurling. Sally Rowan and Skip Stevens joined them for the early dinner and a walk around the marsh and to Coast Guard Beach. Cara Spurling joined for the later dinner, and Heather Spurling joined via Skype. Amy Palmer took over the post office the beginning of the week so Joy Sprague could go off and spend time with her extended family, including Juanita Sprague’s grandchildren; Amy Palmer and Adele went off to visit extended family. Kate and Courtney Chaplin, with Louise, Sannah and Whit, went down to Baltimore for time with Dedi Whitaker, Molleson and Charlie O’Donovan, with Kate and Eliza O’Donovan, Innes Kasanof, and Rebecca and Joseph Follman. Margaret Houghton celebrated with Gretchen, Oliver and Frances Blank, Cote Hadlock, Lindsay Falls and Biz Houghton. The turkey population has decreased.

Not only was Cari Alley at the ‘transfer station’ on Thursday morning, she treated those who came. “Woo them with food,” she said. Cory Alley had made turkey morning sliders on Hawaiian rolls; Cari contributed cupcakes. Those who took trash joined their party and appreciated them for making being on duty on a holiday an enjoyable time for all.

Hold on to your hats. The next few weeks are shopping chaos, and multiple extra bags will make the trip from MDI to the islands. The more comfortable mail boat is back in service, giving us all extra space for what we haul and myriad Amazon boxes. The good news is the bigger mail boat is back in service.

The Ladies Aid will hold a Christmas fair on Sunday, Dec 18, from 12-2 p.m. Come for a soup luncheon and brownie sundaes for desert. Lunch costs just $10. And check out the clothing, handcrafts and baked goods sold to support the Ladies Aid and all that the organization does for the island community.

Birthdays in the coming weeks include Rebecca Sanborn on Dec. 1, Erin Fernald Gray on Dec 3, Grace Houghton and Jeanne Smith on Dec. 6, Eliza Greenman on Dec. 7, Christa Porcaro on Dec. 8, Ruth Westphal on Dec. 9, Paul Leibow on Dec. 10, Tom Watson on Dec. 12 and Chelsea DePalmer on Dec. 16.

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

We look forward to reporting all the news. Send items to us by 5 p.m. on Sunday. For Islesford, email Sally Rowan at [email protected] com, and for Great Cranberry, email Sarah McCracken at [email protected] or call her at 978-879-5939.
Sally Rowan and Sarah McCracken

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