Parking Show packs them in


Motorists violating local parking ordinances or hogging more than one space may find photos of their infractions posted on a local Facebook page.

BAR HARBOR — They come in droves every summer from towns and cities across the world to see the wonderful sights of Acadia National Park, to feel the cold Atlantic Ocean on their toes, to browse through the eclectic shops of downtown and, apparently, to park really poorly.

Welcome to “Bar Harbor’s Famous Parking Show” where yellow curbs, lines delineating spaces, no-parking zones and other common parking rules apparently do not apply.

Curious? You are not alone. A Facebook page celebrating the vacation parking skills of many drivers in the area has gathered more than 1,000 members and is still growing. “Bar Harbor’s Famous Parking Show” slows down a bit during the winter, but during this time a year, the site is updated multiple times a day, as residents, tourists and others gawk, scratch their heads and photograph the worst parking offenders.

“It’s all about not getting frustrated when you see people parking like complete idiots,” said page founder and Cottage Street business owner Matthew Hochman. “It’s just a way to have a little bit of fun during the busiest time of the year.”

The big windows of Hochman’s Trailside Café look out onto Cottage Street. After observing some very questionable parking activity there for a while, he decided last year to start the page. It has really taken off, with people posting pictures from other island towns, Trenton, Bangor and as far away as Tennessee and Connecticut.

“I just kind of made the joke, it’s the best show on TV, watching people park. And the page took off from there,” he said.

Plenty of others agree with that sentiment.

“We all love posting the silliness of people who live here and vacation here! It is a positive way of coping with the stress of finding parking here,” page member Chad Kessel said.

Robert Levin

Robert Levin

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