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Maritime history in Maine, Russia 

SEARSPORT — In early March, Penobscot Marine Museum was approached by The Archangel Committee of Greater Portland to participate in the Matitsa International Forum for Wooden Historical Shipbuilding taking place this July in Arkhangelsk, Russia. 

Arkhangelsk is a sister city to the Greater Portland Region, a relationship that began with the building of Liberty Ships at South Portland during World War II to serve in the Arctic Convoy. 

Then COVID-19 made physical travel to Russia impossible, so we switched gears to make a virtual contribution to the conference,” the museum’s newsletter saidInstead, curator Cipperly Good filmed, narrated and edited a video tour of the museum’s boat barns and shipbuilding exhibits. 

The museum’s video of Mainebuilt boats and shipbuilding traditions, subtitled in Russian, will be featured alongside presentations by historical museums, shipbuilders, educators and cultural heritage organizations. 

The goal of the International Forum for Wooden Historical Shipbuilding is to exchange ideas about the revival and preservation of traditions of historical wooden shipbuilding in the White Sea region of Russia and neighboring Finland, northern Norway and Sweden. 





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