Letter to Editor: Civic vision

To the Editor:

It is wonderful to see the great civic vision of the Bar Harbor Historical Society and the Bar Harbor Village Improvement Association in their efforts to obtain La Rochelle (currently the Maine Seacoast Mission’s Colket Center) as a headquarters for the Historical Society and in building the welcoming DeGregorie Park entrance into Bar Harbor.

This will add a great deal to the West Street and Eden Street neighborhoods and the ongoing preservation work of Ocean Properties that was important to Mr. Walsh, and to the landscape artistry of the historic Farm House (Mizzentop Gardens), and to the College of the Atlantic and their beautiful campus and excellent mission.

These are great and worthy causes that will do much to mend the scars left in the wake of the fire of 1947.

Let us all, year-round and summer, old and new, take the high road and think creatively in working together as a united community, not as enemies.

Sargent M. McCormick Collier

Bar Harbor

and Chicago

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