Dan Vassallo of Peabody, Mass., beat the MDI Marathon course record by five minutes. ISLANDER PHOTO BY TAYLOR BIGLER

Vassallo, Frost win MDI Marathon

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Dan Vassallo, 31, of Peabody, Mass., won the Mount Desert Island Marathon with a time of 2 hours, 21 minutes, 45 seconds, beating the course record by five minutes and besting 768 other competitors.

Race director Gary Allen said Vassallo’s time was the fastest marathon run in Maine in decades.

The course record was previously held by Michael Crouch of Chicopee, Mass., who ran the marathon in 2:26:55 last year.

Craig Coon, 28, of Malta, N.Y., finished second with a time of 2:32:26.

Matt Homich, 28, of Bar Harbor finished in fifth place with a time of 2:39:31.

Leah Frost, 33, of Glover, Vt., held on to her title as the women’s champ for the second year in a row. She finished the race in 2:54:42, about five minutes slower than her 2015 time of 2:49:13.


Leah Frost of Glover, Vt., won the women’s division for the second year in a row. ISLANDER PHOTO BY TAYLOR BIGLER

Heather Utrata, 34, of Greeley, Colo., finished second in 2:59:50.

Beth Dumont, 33, of Bar Harbor came in eighth for the women with a time of 3:16:11.

Six-time MDI Marathon winner David Herr, 51, of Canaan, Vt., came in eighth place with a time of 2:45.

Pre-race dinner speaker Michael Westphal, 59, of Cranberry Isles, finished seventh in his age division and 153rd overall in 3:48:15. Westphal has raised more than $25,000 for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research.

In the half-marathon race, Eric Ashe, 28, of Boston, Mass., finished first in 1:09:46.

Two area men finished in the top 10.

Andrew Kephart, 31, of Ellsworth finished fifth in 1:19:15, and Jefferson Tucker, 22, of Mount Desert finished ninth in 1:22:06.

Michelle Lilienthal, 34, of Portland won the women’s division of the half marathon with a time of 1:18:34.

Allana McDonough, 23, of Mount Desert finished fourth in 1:29:33.

Seventy-year-old running great Robin Emery of Lamoine finished first place in her age division and 363rd overall with a time of 2:35:47.

Although it was his first time to run the MDI course, Vassallo has had a decorated running career.


A festive participant in the 15th annual Mount Desert Island Marathon Sunday takes it all in stride at mile one. Some 1,800 people participated in the marathon, half-marathon and relay races. ISLANDER PHOTO BY EARL BRECHLIN

He competed in the U.S. Olympic Trials in Los Angeles this past February after qualifying in the Gore-Tex Philadelphia Marathon in 2014.

By his own measure, Vassallo said he didn’t have a great run that February day, finishing in 41st place out of 108 runners in 2:26:05.

But he made up for that performance on Sunday.

“I spent all summer training for this,” Vassallo said following the race. The MDI Marathon is a race he’s wanted to do since he was a teenager.

“It was finally time to come here and run, and I am really happy to be here,” he said. “It’s something I definitely want to come back to in the future.”

This was Frost’s fourth time running the MDI Marathon and second time winning it.

Frost said she was expected to run at a slower pace than she did last year – and for good reason.

She competed in the Eversource Hartford Marathon in Hartford, Conn., the weekend prior, which she finished in third place with a time of 2:46:57.

“I ran a little slower than last year, and I was expecting that,” she said.

Frost keeps returning because of the MDI course.

“It’s challenging, but it’s my very favorite course,” she said.


Top 100 MDI Marathon Finishers

Place  name             town             time

1        Dan Vassallo        Peabody, MA       2:21:45

2        Craig Coon Malta, NY  2:32:26

3        Erik McCarthy     Old Town   2:32:50

4        Taylor Washburn Orono         2:38:37

5        Matt Homich        Bar Harbor 2:39:31

6        Tristan Williams  Jackson, NH         2:41:47

7        Ken Akiha  Orono         2:43:53

8        David Herr Canaan, VT          2:45:29

9        Robert Ashby       Brunswick  2:46:46

10      Adam Goode        Bangor        2:47:25

11      Tyler Sewald        Greeley, CO         2:50:28

12      Leah Frost  Glover, VT 2:54:32

13      Spencer McElwain         Portland      2:55:22

14      Ryan Jara   Gorham      2:56:54

15      Matthew Hurley   Portland      2:59:41

16      Heather Utrata     Greeley, CO         2:59:50

17      Marina Orrson     Shavertown, PA   2:59:54

18      Alan Groudle       Lewiston     3:01:22

19      Ron Peck    Waterville   3:02:19

20      Timothy Weeden  Sturbridge, MA    3:04:02

21      Chris Cooper       Hanscom, MA      3:05:37

22      Michael Tupper    Norman, OK        3:06:06

23      Sarah Mulcahy     Princeton    3:11:29

24      Brian Morin         Waterville   3:11:47

25      Casey Smith         Torrington, CT     3:11:53

26      Matthew Revitt    Veazie         3:12:43

27      Dave Nevitt          Dartmouth, NS    3:12:55

28      Jarly Bobadilla     Seal Cove   3:13:07

29      Jessica Van Binsbergen Portland      3:13:19

30      Jared Smith Brooklyn, NY      3:13:32

31      Juan Lopez Weymouth, MA   3:14:07

32      Jennifer Johnson  Easton, NH 3:14:14

33      Jonathon Western          Topsfield, MA      3:14:48

34      Brendan O’Keefe  Seal Cove   3:15:21

35      Emelia Perry        Cherry Hill, NJ     3:15:44

36      Beth Dumont       Bar Harbor 3:16:02

37      Thomas Ueland    Plymouth, NH      3:17:12

38      Matt Anderson     Fairfax, VA          3:17:40

39      Tom Simones       Augusta      3:17:50

40      Kevin Parker        Cambridge, MA   3:17:51

41      Keane Johnson     Boston, MA         3:21:03

42      Katie Rizzolo        Portland      3:21:11

43      Kevin Stanton      Monroe, NH         3:21:41

44      Andy Pereira        Southwest Harbor         3:21:54

45      Flori McClain       Bangor        3:22:14

46      Jeffrey Arbeit       Washington, DC  3:22:25

47      Brad Miller Burlington, VT     3:22:55

48      Matt Marsaglia     Brooklyn, NY      3:23:28

49      Jonathan Hogue   Southwest Harbor         3:23:35

50      John Scott  Brookline, MA     3:23:47

51      Christopher Sullivan     Andover, MA       3:24:03

52      Kimberly Gudenkauf     Olathe, KS  3:24:39

53      Rosy Depaul        Los Angeles, CA  3:24:43

54      David Presby       Fairport, NY        3:24:45

55      Zachary Cost        Boston, MA         3:25:28

56      Corey Brown       Tonawanda, NY   3:26:43

57      Peter Thomas       Washington, DC  3:26:46

58      Joshua Cheron     Sudbury, MA       3:26:54

59      Troy Cloutier       Waterboro  3:26:56

60      Michael Alexander         New York, NY     3:28:04

61      Meghan Bruce      Princeton, NJ       3:28:15

62      Simon Hanson     Southwest Harbor         3:28:24

63      Andy Baida          Baltimore, MD     3:29:08

64      Beau Birdsall       Waterville   3:29:10

65      Rebecca Bell         Bar Harbor 3:29:49

66      Kurt Steiner         Waldo         3:29:54

67      Brian Patri Mulligan      Providence, RI      3:29:54

68      Kate Thomas        Chicago, IL 3:30:18

69      Laura Howell       Grandville, MI      3:30:19

70      Tracy Guerrette    Saint Agatha        3:30:19

71      Matthew Surette   Wakefield, MA     3:30:48

72      Bryan Yurecka     Cambridge, MA   3:31:09

73      James Towey       Henrico, VA         3:31:15

74      Matthew Lamothe          Salem, MA 3:31:52

75      William Gilsenan  Lexington, KY     3:32:02

76      Margaret Knox     Palos Verdes, CA 3:32:06

77      Ian Cole      Boston, MA         3:32:07

78      Ryan Giebel         Wixom, MI 3:32:16

79      Thomas Emery     Brooklyn, NY      3:32:31

80      Alfred Tillotson    Colebrook, CT     3:32:50

81      Jeff Perry    Rockaway, NJ      3:32:53

82      Craig Ela    Harpswell   3:33:05

83      Richard Lally       Lynn, MA   3:33:07

84      Josh Johnson       Colorado Springs, CO   3:33:21

85      Nick Coggeshall   Hope Valley, RI   3:33:35

86      Greg Kolvoord     Newburgh   3:33:38

87      Katherine Degrass         Bar Harbor 3:33:49

88      Anthony Bianchi  Bedford, NH        3:33:53

89      Michael Moak      Guilderland, NY   3:33:54

90      Nicholas Addeo    Portland      3:34:08

91      Peter Keeney        Bar Harbor 3:34:08

92      Mason King         Essex, CT   3:34:11

93      John Hagye Suwanee, GA       3:35:25

94      Mary Bolich         Plymouth, WI       3:35:32

95      Miguel Colon       Providence, RI      3:35:41

96      Ben Lamers Ames, IA    3:36:56

97      Stefan Shirley       Falls Church, VA 3:37:05

98      Shannon Vayo     Grafton, MA        3:37:43

99      Brad Homan        Jersey City, NJ     3:38:18

100    Michael Stanton   Rochester, NH      3:38:18




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