Kids practice tennis at Dan Granholm’s tennis and music camp in Southwest Harbor. The camp is one of the programs Granholm’s nonprofit offers while he gets construction of his complex off the ground. ISLANDER PHOTO BY MATT MITTERHOFF

Tennis center dream takes form

BAR HARBOR — Across the street from the Town Hill Market on Route 102 is a piece of property that Dan Granholm has big plans for.

The former music director at Mount Desert Island High School is hoping to turn that space into a community facility, a “place for people to come and do lifetime activities.”

“We’re trying to build an indoor tennis and music facility and recreational facility in Town Hill that would engage the whole community,” Granholm said. “The ultimate dream is to have an indoor track, some fitness and yoga studios, some music practices spaces, some music performance spaces, a café that would be fun for everybody.”

Granholm’s idea has been gestating for three years now since he quit his job at the high school in 2012 to focus solely on his dream. He founded and heads a nonprofit that offers programming while the planning for the facility is in progress. He’s hoping to have the facility open in the fall of 2017.

He has two plans for the facility – a $1.5 million version that would cover two indoor courts and a few music spaces, and a $4 million project that would be four indoor courts plus other recreational and music facilities. The complex, he said, will be open year-round.

“The theme is to engage our community so that there are activities for people to do in the winter that are healthy,” he said.

Through July, Granholm and his organization are running a music and tennis camp using facilities in Southwest Harbor. The campers do physical activity in the morning at the fields at the Pemetic School, play tennis on the courts at Harbor House and finish their day by practicing music.

“I want people to be well-rounded.” “I don’t want to create tennis pros, and I don’t want to create music pros. I want to create decent human beings that are going to enrich our culture.”

On Saturday, July 9, Granholm will hold a party in Hall Quarry at the John Williams boatyard on Somes Sound from 3-8 p.m. There will be live music, lobster dinners and free ice cream for attendants to enjoy. There also will be a tennis court set up where Granholm and tennis pro Bob Christie will hold tennis clinics.

It’s a “big, informational get out,” Granholm said.

Ultimately, Granholm said, he wants his facility to be, “a wonderful, good-feeling place.”

Parents interested in enrolling their kids at Granholm’s camp may do so by emailing him at [email protected].

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