MDI Ends Season Kicking

BANGOR — The Mount Desert Island (MDI) High School girls’ varsity soccer team lost 2-0 to Herman High School in the first round of Eastern Maine Class B championships Tuesday, Oct. 23.

The loss ended MDI’s post season.

“It was just good soccer,” said head coach Tom Savage. “There’s nothing you can blame it on.”

The match took place in idyllic conditions: a dry turf field at Husson University in warm weather. Calls by the referees played to neither the advantage nor deficit of either team.

Possession of the ball was nearly equal in the evening contest.

Herman at times forced the Trojans on their heels with crisp passes and quick transitions that took advantage of the ball rolling abnormally far on the turf.

MDI players, however, forced much of the game to take place on Herman’s half of field with aggressive challenges and careful defensive coverage. At times, the Trojan defense pressed past half field.

The first half was scoreless. But less than two minutes into the second half, Herman forward Sarah Norwood scrambled to slip the ball just over the goal line – with Trojan defender Summer Cast clearing the ball a moment too late.

The goal did not slow the pace or level of play by either team.

MDI players continued to press forward, though their greatest opportunity came in the first half when Opal Curless faced off with her opponents’ goalie, shooting at an oblique angle and just missing the rebound.

Norwood scored again with a half volley following a corner kick by Denise Layakhovich. At the time of her goal there were slightly more than 16 minutes remaining in the game.

“The reason they scored a second time was we we’re going for it,” said coach Savage. MDI defenders had pressed even farther forward; and Trojan midfielders lingered near the penalty box.

While the rest of the game went without further scoring, one apparent goal by Herman was not counted due to players called off sides.

The last whistle blew with MDI players still fighting to come back.

Leading up to the first post season game, coach Savage took a different tact than in past years.

“I’ve been doing this a long time, and it’s frustrating to have to reset every year. No matter what we do, we need building blocks for players to come,” he said. “That’s what I told the players in the two practices leading up to the match.”

While the players did not leave with a trophy, Savage said they achieved something future players would appreciate even more. “It is so important to leave some kind of legacy,” he said. “I think we did. The legacy we left is the desire to go further.”

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