MDI runners complete Boston Marathon

BOSTON Bar Harbor’s Jennifer Vandongen finished the Boston Marathon Monday among the top 300 runners in her gender.

Vandongen, 37, finished the 26.2-mile course in three hours, five minutes and 51 seconds, averaging a 7:06 mile pace. She placed 231st in her division, 265th among the women and 3,764th overall.

A 58-year-old runner from Cranberry Isles, Gary Allen, finished 154th in his division in 3:20:16, averaging a 7:39 mile pace. Allen placed 5,978th among the men and 7,058th overall.

Four other Bar Harbor runners competed: Aaron Long, Britt Hulbert-Sosa, Lori Bartlett and Lisa Tweedie.

Hulbert-Sosa, 45, finished 1,272nd in her division in 4:06:28, averaging a 9:25 mile pace. Hulbert-Sosa placed 8,226th among the women and 19,959th overall.

Bartlett, 46, finished 1,725th in her division in 5:12:41, averaging an 11:56 mile pace. She placed 11,354th among the women and 25,416th overall.

Long, 35, finished 3,334th in his division in 3:23:29, averaging a 7:46 mile pace. He placed 6,548th of the men and 7,991st overall.

Tweedie, 52, finished 1,164th in her division in 5:20.15, averaging a 12:13 mile pace. She placed 11,498th among the women and 25,678th overall.



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