The 2014-2014 Mount Desert Island High School junior varsity girls’ basketball team included, standing, from left, Natasha Oleracek, Emma Watras, Megan Moore, Emma Burdette and Mariah Hamor; kneeling, from left, Shelby Parsons, Courtney Moon and Maya Watras. Not pictured: Caroline McMinimy, Abbe Miller, Julianna Cleaves and Cassidy Parady. PHOTO BY LIZ GRAVES

JV girls remain ‘positive’

BAR HARBOR — Coach Greg Linscott of the Mount Desert Island High School junior varsity girls’ basketball team says what he’ll remember about players on this year’s team, besides their strong 16-2 record, are their positive attitudes.

“As a coach, it can be easy to focus on the challenges. But they knew how to remind me of the good stuff,” he said. “I get pretty serious sometimes, and they know how to keep it in balance.”

Linscott said the team worked hard in practice to build the skills that helped them to win games. Early in the season, they lost a game to Brewer on a Monday night, by just three points, in overtime. The next night, Tuesday, they made the trek to Washington Academy. “We were down by eight or ten points,” Linscott said, “but came from behind and went into overtime and won. We were off to the races after that.”

MDI lost to Presque Isle by 16 points when the teams first met in the County early in the season. But when the Wildcats came to Bar Harbor, the JV girls pulled off a win by one point.

“In the heat of the moment in competitive sports, things can go awry in a hurry,” Linscott said. “The kids handled themselves very well. This group is very mature when it comes to handling tough situations,” he said, a habit that will serve the athletes well on the court and beyond.

Linscott said he worked closely with freshman girls’ Coach Meghan Cunningham. “Neither one of us had enough to have a full practice,” he said, “but my team was very patient, very understanding. They worked with the freshman kids to help them. You become much more mature when you’re in a role like that.”

Linscott said his players also helped by being willing to play different positions. “They became pretty versatile,” he said. “That helps the program out in the long run.”

The weather made a JV tournament impossible this year. “The last couple years, we’ve been in situations where we had some good teams, and the weather kind of wiped us out,” he said. There’s rarely room in the calendar to reschedule a JV tournament if it must be cancelled. The season ends abruptly, Linscott said, one of many adjustments necessary in a year with so much snow.

Team members included juniors Courtney Moon, Cassidy Parady and Julianna Cleaves; sophomores Abbe Miller, Emma Burdette, Mariah Hamor, Caroline McMinimy, Natasha Oleracek, Shelby Parsons, Emma Watras and Maya Watras; and freshman Megan Moore.

Liz Graves

Liz Graves

Reporter at Mount Desert Islander
Former Islander reporter and editor Liz Graves grew up in California and came to Maine as a schooner sailor.

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