Sharks take bite out of competition

SAINT JOHN, N.B. — Swimmers from the Mount Desert Island YMCA Sharks swim team competed last weekend in the Maine Swimming Inc. International Championships here.

Finley Smith took first place in the girls’ 10 and under 100-meter breaststroke in 1 minute, 40.39 seconds.

The boys’ 10 and under team made up of Caden Braun, Wyatt Braun, J.J. Cistone and Sebastian Cullen finished first in two events.

The boys took the top spot in the 200-meter freestyle relay in 2:50.67 and finished first in the 200-meter medley relay in 3:19.12.

MDI swimmers placed in the top eight in numerous events and placed eighth overall out of 23 teams from Maine, Massachusetts, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario.

Maine Swimming Inc. International Invitational

 Girls 10 & under

 400-meter freestyle

  1. Finley Smith, 6:02.51.

 50-meter breaststroke

  1. Finley Smith, 44.73.

 100-meter breaststroke

  1. Finley Smith, 1:40.39
  2. Peighton Skeate, 1:50.58.

 200-meter IM

  1. Finley Smith, 3:13.27.

 Girls 11-12

 400-meter medley relay

  1. Lily James, CassieLyn Willis, Gracie Parker, Peighton Skeate, 6:54.70

 Boys 10 & under

 100-meter backstroke

  1. Caden Braun, 1:31.6

 50-meter breaststroke

  1. Caden Braun, 45.82

 100-meter breaststroke

  1. Caden Braun, 1:45.91

 50-meter butterfly

  1. Caden Braun, 41.55

 100-meter butterfly

  1. Caden Braun, 1:42.00

 200-meter individual medley

  1. Caden Braun, 3:14.51

 200-meter freestyle relay

  1. J.J. Cistone, Wyatt Braun, Caden Braun, Sebastian Cullen, 2:50.67

 200-meter medley relay

  1. Sebastian Cullen, J.J. Cistone, Caden Braun, Wyatt Braun, 3:19.12

 Boys 12 & under

 400-meter freestyle relay

  1. Caden Braun, Sebastian Cullen, J.J. Cistone, Sam York, 5:59.15

 Boys 13-14

 1500-meter freestyle

  1. T.J. Willis, 19:41.05

 Boys 14 & under

 200-meter freestyle relay

  1. T.J. Willis, Sam Schleif, Cody Parker, Julian Walls, 2:07.67

 400-meter freestyle relay

  1. T.J. Willis, Julian Walls, Parker Cody, Sam Schleif, 4:40.07.

 400-meter medley relay

  1. Cody Parker, Julian Walls, T.J. Willis, Sam Schleif, 5:23.02.

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