Senior Tribute: Sports

 Senior Tribute: Football 

The Mount Desert Island High School football program would like to congratulate Nick Corson, Cole Allen, Will Hodgdon and Sam Keblinsky and wish them all the best as they venture beyond MDI to begin the next chapter in their lives. Our coaching staff would like to thank them for their dedication and leadership as members of our program. They will be missed. 

Coach Mark Arnold 


Senior Tribute: Cross Country 

Thank you to the seniors of the cross country program as you helped usher in and lead the next generation of our island’s running community. Your joy, enthusiasm and unstoppable commitment to team will be felt for years to come. This dedication helped bring unprecedented success for the team in winning COED regional and PVC titles, while simultaneously enabling each member of the program to reach their best potential. May you continue to tackle tall mountains without fear, remember to breathe and enjoy the downhills, and stay focused during challenging terrain. Wherever your paths may take you, enjoy the run and don’t forget you always have trails waiting for you here. We will miss you. Enjoy your next adventure! 

-Coach Desiree Sirois 


Senior Tribute: Girls’ Soccer 

To Mei Cook, Cadi Howell, Hannah Goodwin, Daisy Granholm, Rachel Leonard, Julia Rush and Zoe Olson: Congratulations to you and the rest of the Class of 2020! 

Each of you led the team in your own way and really captured the true essence of a team. You were all such great role models to the younger girls on the team and it was fun being able to watch the friendships form. 

Thank you for forming into such a great group of girls who helped lead and guide and who displayed hard work on and off the field. Thank you for always having each other’s backs, finding laughter and joy with being around each other, encouraging and celebrating each other’s moments and most of all, for just being you! I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be involved in your lives. I looked forward to seeing your bright and smiling faces every day — even if it was at six in the morning! 

I hope you enjoyed your time with me and with the team, and I hope you learned something about yourselves that goes beyond soccer! I hope you have created lasting memories that you are able to reflect on and smile about when thinking about the season we had together and who we were. 

I wish all of you the best of luck as your next adventures begin! I am excited to hear about what the seven of you are able to accomplish. You are all truly amazing and deserve the best! Remember, you can handle anything life will throw at you! Let’s do this! 

-Coach May Chan 


Senior Tribute: Track and Field 

One thing I try to emphasize to all of my teams is that we are not a program that makes excuses. Whatever the weather might be, or maybe we didn’t have a great workout before the meet, or there might be a big AP test coming up. I remind the team that none of that matters because it is completely out of our control. We have to take it for what it is, and we step on the track or runway or into the circle regardless of the situation. This senior class has really epitomized that line of thinking even when they might have every reason to be sad or resentful or angry. When you have competitors, of course there will be disappointment and even anger when that opportunity to compete is taken away. However, this group of seniors really showed positive attitudes and resiliency in the face of unheard of adversity. “Falling is OK, but not getting up is not” is something that truly epitomizes this group. I take a lot of comfort and pride in that. I am very excited to see the positive impact each of them brings to our future. 

-Coach Aaron Long 



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