Senior Tribute: Boys’ Basketball 

To our players, Jack DaCorte, Nate Philbrook, William Hodgdon and Jeremy FrenchWe had plenty of ups and downs during our season and there were plenty of opportunities to quit or give up. None of you did that. You all bought into our team and our program, but more importantly your roles, which you all became stars in. You all put your heart and soul into everything that we did, every game, every practice, every meeting. And for that, I will always be grateful. 

To our managers, Nick Corson and Ashton LozanoYou have a job that not many people want to have. But I can tell you that having one good manager, let along two great managers, can make a world of difference for a team. Having you at practice every day, rebounding, taking stats, running the clockwas invaluable and so greatly appreciated by not only me but also by your teammates. You have both set the bar so high for future managers, I wonder if anyone will be able to rise to it. 

Winning championships are what every team sets out to do in November, and even though we did not do that, you represented our team, program and community like champions. Congratulations, gentlemen, on your graduation! I am extremely proud of all of you. Remember, “Once a Trojan, always a Trojan.” I hope to see you all soon! 


-Coach Justin Norwood 

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