Westphal perseveres, raises $30K for Parkinson’s Research

Michael Westphal FILE PHOTO

Michael Westphal

CRANBERRY ISLES – Serious runners from all over the east coast descended upon Great Cranberry Island this past weekend to participate in a “Great Run.”

The event, organized by Mary Ropp and Gary Allen, was comprised of a traditional marathon and a six-hour race that could be run by either an individual or a relay team.

Christopher Hill, 32, of Titusville, Fla., was the marathon winner, finishing the 26.2 miles in 3:25.29. Rebecca Geib, 26, of Southwest Harbor was the first female marathon finisher, running a 3:49.33, which was good for fifth place overall.

Long distance athlete Michael Westphal, of Cranberry Isles, came in second overall. He ran to show support for Parkinson’s disease research, in particular the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s himself more than eight years ago, he ran in honor of several relatives who have been stricken by the malady, including his sister Gretchen of Mount Desert Island, cousin Adair Halle of Norway, his late aunt Esther Hanson and his late cousin David Fostervold. His original fundraising goal was $4,000, but he ended up raising more than $30,000.

After more than three grueling hours on the course, Westphal stumbled and fell just a few yards from the finish. Getting up from the pavement, he took another stumbling step and fell again. Waving off those who rushed in to help, he stood and ran the final steps to the finish line as teary-eyed spectators applauded. His final time of 3:32.56 qualifies him for the Boston Marathon, which he hopes to run next spring.

The Six Hour Ultra race was scored first by distance, then by time. The first-place finisher was Kevin Shelton-Smith, 55, of Bronx, N.Y., who hit the 42.2-mile mark in 5:34.22. Leah Frost, 31, of Glover, Vt., earned second place with her 42.2-mile time of 5:34.49, less than a second behind Shelton-Smith.

Runners were scored only in the event for which they signed up.

The race was organized by Crow Athletics, the group behind the Mount Desert Island Marathon.

1 Christopher Hill FL 3:25.39
2 Michael Westphal ME 3:32.56
3 Jonathan Hogue ME 3:44.44
4 Sri Bodkhe MA 3:45.34
5 Rebeccah Geib ME 3:49.33
6 Katja Fox NH 3:52.48
7 Peter Glaser ME 3:55.42
8 Thomas Sherman RI 3:57.50
9 Bette Clark NY 3:58.20
10 Roger Marquis ME 4:10.18
11 Sandra Freeman ME 4:18.34
12 Christina D’Amico VA 4:23.07
13 Nathaniel Noton-Freeman ME 4:24.26
14 Kathy Kangas ME 4:27.35
15 Eric Kangas ME 4:27.35
16 Tim Kelly MA 4:41.11
17 Ken Kirsch NJ 4:49.52
18 JC Santa Teresa NY 4:53.18
19 Jeanette Santa Teresa NY 4:53.41
20 Adam Murchison ME 4:53.52

1 Keven Shelton-Smith NY 42.2 5:34.22
2 Leah Frost VT 42.2 5:34.49
3 Maddy Hribar MA 42.2 5:45.47
4 Sean Dixon NS 38.2 5:40.59
5 Emmanuelle Dudon QC 34.2 5:21.20
6 Timothy Cushing 34.2 5:27.06
7 Edward Swain ME 34.2 5:31.50
8 Joshua Torrance ME 34.2 5:30.44
9 Barbara Daggett ME 34.2 5:44.21
10 Brent Richardson NH 34.2 5:45.39
11 John Storey TN 30.2 5:14.48
12 Melissa Ossanna ME 30.2 5:18.36
13 Jennifer Vandongen ME 30.2 5:23.05
14 Greg Emerson ME 30.2 5:23.08
15 Charlotte Clews ME 30.2 5:30.33
16 Amber Young ME 30.2 5:38.25
17 Amber Cronin ME 30.2 5:37.11
18 Christopher Langley PA 26.2 4:59.11
19 Sewall Hodges NY 26.2 5:29.57
20 Michelle Czapiga ME 26.2 5:24.26

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