Team G.A.S.P. Project took first place in the 2015 Down East Sunrise Trail Relay. Members include, from left, Tim Tunney, Matt Homich, Ken Akiha and Eric Rudolph. They ran the 102.7-mile course from Ellsworth to Eastport at an amazing 6:15 pace, setting a new record. PHOTO COURTESY OF CROW ATHLETICS

Downeast Sunrise Relay runners are up all night

EASTPORT — Most runners just need a good pair of sneakers to hit the road, maybe a good pair of shorts. However, for the runners participating in the Downeast Sunrise Trail Relay this past weekend, headlamps were an essential part of the uniform, as the teams raced through the night.

Twenty-four teams competed in the more-than-102-mile overnight relay, stretching from Ellsworth to Eastport. Teams enjoyed a staggered starting system in order to ensure that all finished in time for the post-race festivities in Eastport.

The course began at the Down East Sunrise Trail head in Ellsworth and continued on trails, roads and gravel paths to Moose Island, home to the town of Eastport.

Team G.A.S.P Project took first place this year, running the course in just 10 hours, 41 minutes, for a blistering average of 6:15 per mile. The team achievement is even more impressive considering there were just four runners, the minimum required by race regulations. Members include Tim Tunney, Matt Homich, Ken Akiha and Eric Rudolph.

The DEST is a Crow Athletics event organized by Gary Allen and Mary Ropp. Crow Athletics is the running club which coordinates the MDI Marathon each fall. Part of the proceeds from the DEST relay benefits the Sunrise Trail Coalition, which helps maintain the trail.

1 G.A.S.P. Project 10:41:25 6:15
2 U.S. Department of Minimal Effort 11:42:50 6:51
3 Pace Cadets 12:00:23 7:01
4 County Crows 12:43:21 7:26
5 Wackos in Waco 12:53:10 7:32
6 Quackers 12:53:52 7:32
7 Pussy Pirates 13:19:24 7:47
8 Sleepless in Eastport 13:26:09 7:51
9 Your Pace or Mine? 13:59:53 8:11
10 Team Powerthirst 14:06:32 8:15
11 Slow Train Coming 14:06:52 8:15
12 Moose Caboose 14:23:57 8:25
13 The Chowda Heads 14:56:44 8:44
14 Crazy Legs 14:57:56 8:45
15 Sally’s Trailblazers 15:12:54 8:53
16 Trail Animals 15:15:52 8:55
17 Runners 2 the East 15:25:51 9:01
18 Eastbound and Down 15:36:43 9:07
19 Maine Running Fossils 16:28:06 9:37
20 Flying Monkey Race League 17:11:02 10:02
21 Night of the Running Dead 18:01:05 10:31
22 Medics on the Move 18:23:58 10:45
23 20 Slow Motion to the Ocean 18:57:55 11:05
24 Ugly Sweaters 18:57:56 11:05

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