Mount Desert teen wins Orono climbing competition

Hana Corrin of Mount Desert takes first place at a climbing competition on the University of Maine Orono campus on Dec. 4.

Mount Desert teen wins Orono climbing competition 

MOUNT DESERT — Thirteen-year-old Hana Corrin of Mount Desert placed first in the youth category at the 18th annual Boulder Bash at the Maine Bound Adventure Center on the campus of the University of Maine on Dec. 4. The competition attracted an estimated 50 climbers of all ages, including a dozen youth. 

The eighth grader started climbing at age 4. “I flashed the 50-foot magnolia in my grandparent’s backyard. It freaked everyone out at first but now they kind of expect me to be in the tree,” Corrin said. (Flashing is a climbing term for succeeding on the first attempt.) 

Corrin is humble about their achievements and says they love the sport more than competition or accolades.  

Corrin is excited about Volta, a 3,500-square-foot bouldering gym in Trenton set to open in January. “I’ve talked to the people who are building Volta and I like their inclusive mindset.  

“Climbing has a long way to go in terms of reaching people of all abilities, genders and backgrounds. Volta’s founders seem to understand that they have a responsibility to be inclusive,” Corrin said. 

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