Nets will be installed at the sanded volleyball court after baseball and softball season. ISLANDER PHOTO BY NINAH GILE

MDI High School installs outdoor courts

MOUNT DESERT ISLANDAfter receiving a generous donation, Mount Desert Island High School Athletics has begun to install outdoor basketball courts and a volleyball court.  

We received a nice gift from a person who passed away,” said Bunky Dowthe high school’s athletic director, adding that idea for outdoor courts was inspired by the continued pandemic as a way to provide outdoor recreational space for students 

The outdoor courts will also be used while the school’s indoor gymnasium is renovated. “With our gym renovations taking place, we hope they [outdoor courts] will be useful,” Dow said.   

The new basketball courts currently under construction are located behind the outdoor baseball field next to the dugout by third base.  

“Soon we will hot top the basketball court, put baskets up,” said Dow. “Paving should be done by the end of June and the lines won’t be painted until August.”  

Nets will be installed at the sanded volleyball court after baseball and softball season. 

Dow said the outdoor courts will be a huge help for the athletic department and the community as the courts will be open to the public when the school isn’t open.  

Ninah Rein

Ninah Rein

Writer at Mount Desert Islander
Ninah Rein, an MDI native, covers news and features in the Bar Harbor area. She is glad to be back in Maine after earning a bachelor's degree in San Diego from the University of California.

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