Trenton first grader Finn Monahan marks the start line for his sprint.

K-8 athletes put best feet forward

TRENTON — Some future Trojans turned out — to their own yards and streets — last week to challenge themselves in a virtual track and field meet. 

The event was organized by Alex Johson and Bryan Dionne, coaches of a combined middle school track team for schools in the Mount Desert Island Regional School System. 

But rather than limit the meet to middle schoolers, they added events for younger kids as well: a 50-meter sprint and a standing broad jump. Two kindergarteners and two first graders were part of the K-8 field; one younger sibling, 2.5 years old, decided to give it a go as well. 

The smiles and determined faces in the photos made the whole event worthwhile,” Dionne told the Islander. “We got a lot of thank yous from the kids who participated and parents for putting on this event. 

These virtual competitions are so much better than nothing, but he said, “we are hopeful and looking forward to getting back on a real track next spring. 

K-8 Virtual Track and Field Meet, MDIRSS schools 

May 26-30 

Trenton eighth grader Miles Burr competes in the long jump, the only boy in the meet to do so.

Boys’ Long Jump 

1 Miles Burr 8th grade Trenton 14’ 06” 

Girls’ Long Jump 

1 Lucille Misiaszek 6th grade Trenton 7’ 08” 

2 Cate Brown 5th grade Trenton 6’ 01” 

Boys’ Shot Put 

1 Takoda Dionne 6th grade Conners Emerson 15’ 01” 

Girls’ Shot Put 

1 Kenzie Hunt-Bankole 8th grade Trenton 23’ 08” 

2 Cate Brown 5th grade Trenton1 7’ 00” 


Trenton sixth grader Lucille Misiaszek runs a 100-meter sprint.

Boys’ 100 Meters

1 Miles Burr 8th grade Trenton 12.9 seconds 

2 Takoda Dionne 6th grade Conners Emerson 18.56 seconds 

Girls’ 100 Meters 

1 Lucille Misiaszek 6th grade Trenton 17.43 seconds 

2 Aerie Yin 6th grade Trenton 18.1 seconds 

3 Cate Brown 5th grade Trenton 20.85 seconds 

4 Kenzie Hunt-Bankole 8th grade Trenton 25.28 seconds 

Boys’ One Mile

1 Takoda Dionne 6th grade Conners Emerson 8:38 

Girls’ One Mile 

1 Cate Brown 5th grade Trenton 10:03 


Girls’ Discus 

1 Kenzie Hunt-Bankole 8th grade Trenton 70’ 00” 

2 Cate Brown 5th grade Trenton 23’05” 

3 Lucille Misiaszek 6th grade Trenton 22’ 09” 

Boys’ Broad Jump

Henry Hastings, a first grader at Conners Emerson, was the runner-up in the broad jump event. COURTESY OF HASTINGS FAMILY

1 Henry Boudreau 3rd grade Trenton 6’ 01” 

2 Henry Hastings 1st grade Conners Emerson 4’ 04” 

3 Brayden Pooler 3rd grade Trenton 3’ 09” 

4 Corbin Bailey 3rd grade Trenton 3’ 08” 

5 Finn Monahan 1st grade Trenton 3’ 07” 

Girls’ Broad Jump 

1 Skyler Onorato 2nd grade Trenton 5’ 03” 

2 Nayeli Monahan 3rd grade Trenton 4’ 08” 

3 Erin Murphy 2nd grade Conners Emerson 4’ 07” 

4 Piper Nicholson Kindergarden Conners Emerson 4’ 05” 

5 Mackenzie Murphy Kindergarden Conners Emerson 4’ 05” 

Honorable mention Sadie Monahan 2.5 years 1’ 10.5” 

 Boys’ 50 Meters   

1 Henry Boudreau, 3rd grade, Trenton, 8.96 seconds 

2 Brayden Pooler, 3rd grade, Trenton, 9.27 seconds 

3 Finn Monahan, 1st grade, Trenton, 9.66 seconds 

4 Corbin Bailey, 3rd grade, Trenton, 10.21 seconds 

5 Henry Hastings, 1st grade, Conners Emerson, 10.53 seconds 

Girls’ 50 Meters 

1 Nayeli Monahan 3rd grade Trenton 8.56 seconds 

2 Erin Murphy 2nd grade Conners Emerson 9 seconds 

3 Skyler Onorato 2nd grade Trenton 9.38 seconds 

4 Mackenzie Murphy Kindergarden Conners Emerson 10 seconds 

5 Summer Yin 3rd grade Trenton 10.05 seconds 

6 Piper Nicholson Kindergarden Conners Emerson 10.73 seconds 

Honorable mention Sadie Monahan 2.5 years 18.58 seconds 


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