Members of the Mount Desert Island High School JV boys’ and girls’ tennis teams. PHOTO COURTESY OF MDIHS

JV tennis had positive season

BAR HARBOR — The Mount Desert Island High School JV tennis team had an “encouraging” and “rewarding” season. Head Coach Griff Fenton said that they were “very, very fortunate to have such talented athletes.”

Fenton did not keep track of the record, but said that the team won more matches than they lost.

“This is really a developmental program,” Fenton said. “We actually played some singles matches, which we usually don’t do … . We had some outstanding performances.”

One problem Fenton said the team faced was that while there was an almost equal number of boys and girls on the MDI team, most opponents had more girls than they did boys.

“The girls got a lot of more matches in,” he said. “We tried to use a lot of mixed doubles to get the guys, to get more experience” for them.

He also said that in some matches, a boy from the MDI team would team up with a girl from the opposing team, and they would play against an MDI doubles pair.

“When they did have young athlete boys on their teams, they had some good ones, and we were competitive with them,” he added.

Fenton praised two girls specifically who showed a lot of improvement over the season: Anna Naggert and Katana Gray.

“We had two girls that hadn’t played before, and they actually played together and won some women’s doubles matches at the end of the season,” he said.

Fenton praised the MDI tennis program and the athletics department as a whole.

“It’s great to be associated with the program that Ben Rowell” coached, he said. He “helped out tremendously … . It’s just a pleasure to work with Mr. Dow and the whole crew at the high school.”

“The biggest thing was that we all supported each other,” he added about the team. “It was just a joy to be a part of a group like that.”

The 2016 MDI JV tennis team was Nolan Murphy, Lanvin Lenard Estacio, Michael Borge, Warren Young, Kristian Wehrfritz, Austin Lunt, Rile Linkel, Nick Harding, Bailey Cust, Sammy Jacobs, MacKenzie Miller, Anna Naggert, Katana Gray, Maggie Collins, Katie Losquadro and Eliza Schlief.

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