The Mount Desert Island High JV Baseball team finished their season 14-4 this year, with Coach Brent Barker saying the team was “one of the most athletic teams” he has seen in a long time and praising their efforts on the field. PHOTO COURTESY OF MDI HIGH SCHOOL

JV baseball goes 14-4

BAR HARBOR — The Mount Desert Island High School boys’ JV baseball team finished their season 14-4. Coach Brent Barker praised the squad as the “one of the most athletic teams” he has coached in a long time.

Barker said the main thing he focuses on when coaching a JV team like this is development and training to become varsity level athletes.

“A lot of the goal is about development,” he said. “The philosophy we like to use here: get kids into different” positions.

“The communication with the varsity coaches is key for me,” he added. “There may be some kids they want to look at in a certain spots. They may say, ‘we have a need, next year, with graduation, at this spot.”

The other thing he said was important to the JV baseball program was experience for the kids.

“I thought we had a good year with that,” he said. “We had a lot of kids who were very, very versatile, played multiple positions, which will be good for them as they go forward.”

Barker reminisced on a game against Bucksport, where MDI lost in the ninth inning by one run. A loss like that should matter more to a team because of what they can take away from it, he explained.

“We made some plays even in the loss,” he said. “We take a lot more out of a game like that where it’s close even in a loss, and we learn a lot about ourselves and about the game from that game than we would beating some teams with a big score.”

Barker said the thing he was most proud of was the experience and skill gained by the players over the course of the season.

“The biggest highlight for us was seeing how far each player has come from day one to now and what things they can do at the end of the season that they weren’t able to do at the beginning,” he said.

“Those are always the benefits of [being] a coach,” he added. “I always like to see how many kids will be able to play at the varsity level the next year. That’s always my goal.”

The MDI boys’ JV baseball team included Kyle Nicholson, Colby Lee, John Norwood, Alex Foster, Owen Mild, Drew Shea, Finn McConomy, Aaron Snurkowski, Jarred Joubert, Anthony Lawson, Eilon Zboray, Chris Horton and Andrew Kennedy.

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