A member of one of the Acadia Fire soccer teams in a recent game. PHOTO COURTESY OF KERI HAYES

Acadia Fire FC

LAMOINE — The Acadia Fire FC U14 soccer team completed its third match of the season with a 3-1 win against Winslow Sunday, competing in SoccerMaine’s Division 1 travel league.

Ieuan Howell of Mount Desert scored two goals, while Eduardo Figueroa-Flores of Narraguagus scored one. Howell and Figueroa-Flores also had an assist each on the day, as did Henning Reinholdt of Mount Desert.

Connery Williamson of Blue Hill was in goal for the day, making a stunning save in the second half to keep Winslow at just one goal. The Acadia Fire U14 team is 3-2 on the season, putting it in fifth place of 12 teams in its division.

The club’s U13 team, which became first to win a state championship for Acadia Fire earlier this year, is 4-1 on the season.

This weekend, it defeated Merrymeeting Soccer Club of Topsham 11-0. Henry Lester of Pemetic scored five goals, while Cyrus Blake of Brooklin scored two, and Cruz Coffin of Beech Hill School had one goal along with Evan Donnell of Bucksport, Miles Palmer of Trenton and Caden Braun of Conners Emerson.

Evan Donnell, Jameson Weir and Riley Donahue shared the shutout in goal. The win puts the team in third place of 10 teams in its division.

Next Sunday, the team will face Pen Bay of Rockport at Camden Hills Regional High School for the final game of regular season. Statewide league playoff matchups continue throughout October.


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