David Rockefeller, right, at the announcement of his gift of 1,000 acres of land near Little Long Pond in Seal Harbor to the Mount Desert Land and Garden Preserve.

Community shares best wishes

Sandra Closson, Tremont

“Thank you, David Rockefeller Sr.!”


David MacDonald, Mount Desert Land and Garden Preserve board and president of Friends of Acadia:

“Each of us has our own special memory, our favorite trail, the reason why we love this place. We love the land, but we truly also love the landowner.

The affection we have for you and the admiration we have for you and your family and what you’ve done, it’s what I think about when I’m walking around this property. It enriches every hike I take here, and I think is the reason why many of us hold the land very dear.”


Lenny Sweet, Bar Harbor

“Thank you for this wonderful gift. Our dogs love and have loved using Little Long Pond off leash.”


Kerry Kenney

“What a kind and generous heart this wonderful man has. We thank him for his gifts. Blessings to him and his family.”


Lili Pew, board member Friends of Acadia

“Happy birthday, Mr. Rockefeller! As all of us are happily hard at work on plans for Acadia’s Centennial in 2016, we are most grateful for the vision of conservation, volunteerism and community which came to life nearly 100 years ago in the creation of Acadia National Park through your family’s generous philanthropy. Your limitless passion and enthusiasm for Acadia, the surrounding lands and communities inspire all of us each day to give back to help protect, preserve and be caring stewards of our precious lands, sea and communities.”


Susa Wuorinen, Lamoine

“Just across the bay from Mount Desert Island, the hills and forests of Lamoine are being decimated by the gravel industry. The juxtaposition of the pits against the island’s mountains breaks my heart and spirit. I want to thank you for saving what beauty we have left so my grandchildren can experience this beauty.”


Jack Russell, co-chair, Acadia Centennial Task Force

“Like many native-born Mount Desert Islanders, I am fortunate this month to feel the generous presence and good works of Mr. Rockefeller as he reaches his own centennial milestone. As a child here, I knew the family mattered to my place. As a man, I witnessed his wise ways as the anchor of Acadian stewardship in his generation. Now, as a senior, I enjoy the commons he has passed to our care. I look forward to expressing appropriate appreciation as we celebrate the centennial of the national park that he and his family have done so much to conserve.”


Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell

“For over a century, the Rockefeller family has been deeply involved in conservation and philanthropy on Mount Desert Island. David Rockefeller Sr. embodies and exemplifies that tradition.

As a friend and neighbor on the island, I’ve come to know him well. He loves MDI – the place and the people – and continues to do so much good for them. We first met when I was in the Senate and he asked me to join with him and others to restore and maintain the carriage paths in Acadia National Park‎.

I’m pleased to join his many friends in honoring David as he celebrates his 100th birthday.”


U.S. Senator Susan Collins

“David Rockefeller Sr.’s generous decision to celebrate his 100th birthday with such a magnificent and timeless gift to the people of Maine reflects the philanthropic values he has exemplified throughout his life.

This donation carries on the Rockefeller family tradition of preserving and expanding Acadia National Park and other special places in our scenic state.

David Rockefeller has had a profound impact on our state, and I know that all who visit this beautiful island will be deeply grateful for his remarkable contribution to Maine and America.”


Paul Richardson, Otter Creek


“The things he has done for the community, particularly Seal Harbor, have been wonderful. Like his father, if he could do something to help somebody, he has always been very glad to do it.”


Beatrice Grinnell, Southwest Harbor

“What an awesome, generous family!”


Chris Grindle, Mount Desert

“As someone who grew up in Seal Harbor, Maine, thank you, sir, for the endless lifelong memories of swimming at the boathouse during the summer and countless hours of playing pond hockey during the winters. I’ve included a photo of a bunch of us playing hockey: Nate Young, Kevin Smith, me, Jack Frost and Duane Brown.”


Krista E Hartley, Honesdale, Pa.

“What a great gift to present and future generations. Long live his legacy!”


Anne Haley, Ellsworth

“I have so much appreciation for your family’s long philanthropic history and for everything you have given us.”


Durlin Lunt, Mount Desert town manager

“What a treasure he has been his whole life with all the wonderful things he and his family have done for the island as well as the town. I think everything he does is in concert with the wishes of the local population. He is always taking into account what the people who live here year-round need and want. And that’s not always the perspective that you get. I think one of the things that makes him so unique is that one of his primary concerns is what is best for all of the people in the town of Mount Desert and on Mount Desert Island, not just those who are here for the summer.”

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