Elected first selectman at the March 25, 2019 annual Mariaville town meeting, Ross Edgecomb has lived in Mariaville all his life. He enjoys being outdoors. PHOTO BY BRIAN SWARTZ

Selectman Ross Edgecomb loves the country lifestyle

Mariaville First Selectman Ross Edgecomb grew up “right here in Mariaville,” where his family has lived “since the early 1900s. The pulp industry, I think, moved them here” to cut wood and work in local mills.

He attended Beech Hill School in Otis, competed on the wrestling team at Ellsworth High School, and “went right into the family business [Malcolm Edgecomb Inc.] after graduation. The company specialized in timber-harvesting in Hancock and Washington counties.

Traveling to harvest sites no more than 50 miles from Mariaville, Ross built a house “on the other end of town, north of the [Route 181] bridge a couple of miles.” After working 25 years for Malcolm Edgecomb Inc., he “continued running a smaller version of it for seven or eight years.”

Then Ross “continued in the logging business with Dean Young Forestry to the present. I’ve worked for him the last 10 years.”

Ross and his wife, Cammy, have four children: Steven, Emily, Olivia, and Tiffany; and Ross also has two stepchildren: Ryan and Sheena Coffin. The Edgecombs have five grandchildren ranging in age from 11 months to 4 years old.

Ross enjoys living in Mariaville. “I like being outdoors,” he said. “I love the country life; there’s no way I could live in the city. I love the cold, hate the blackflies, hate the heat.

“I spend time with the family. The grandchildren live nearby,” Ross said. He goes four-wheeling in Hancock and Washington counties, and with ATV trails located not far from his home, “I can go all over eastern Maine.” He also plays golf.

Mariaville voters elected Ross their first selectman at the March 25 annual town meeting. “This is my first time on the select board. I had been on the planning board for 10 years,” he said.

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