A life-long resident of Brooksville, John Gray chairs the select board and serves as the town's plumbing inspector. He stands beside a bench that town residents dedicated to Brooksville's veterans. PHOTO BY BRIAN SWARTZ

Selectman John Gray is a town lifer

John Gray, who chairs the Brooksville Board of Selectmen, has “lived here all my life, 75 glorious years.” After attending the elementary grades in Brooksville’s two grade schools (later consolidated into a new elementary school on the Bay Road), he graduated from Higgins Classical Institute in Charleston.

Gray then earned a bachelor’s degree in history and government at the University of Maine. Out of college, he worked three years at the Grindle Agency in Blue Hill. Discovering after two years spent in classrooms at George Stevens Academy that “teaching wasn’t for me,” he worked in the assay lab at the Callahan Mine in Harborside.

When that mine closed in 1972, Gray worked at the Kerramerican Mine in Blue Hill. “I could see the handwriting on the wall there,” so he joined his brother-in-law in working at Donald Stewart Heating & Plumbing in Castine.

In 1984, Gray opened John H. Gray Electrical, Plumbing & Heating (now run by his son, Jerry) in Brooksville. Gray and his first wife, Leona, enjoyed living in Brooksville; she died a few years ago.

Serving as a selectman in 1969-1970, Gray then chaired the town’s budget committee for a long time. He has served as a Brooksville selectman since 2002, and “I’m also recently the plumbing inspector, too,” he said.

Gray and his wife, Carol, are active members at the United Methodist Church on the Coastal Road in South Brooksville. He is a trustee for the church and also for the Friendship Cottage, an adult day-care facility in Blue Hill.

Gray said that “my wife plays the accordion, and I sing, and we appear monthly at the Friendship Cottage” and at The Residence at Gray Birch, where Carol’s mother lives. Gray Birch is an Augusta assisted-living facility affiliated with MaineGeneral Health.

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