Selectman Chris Hodgkins: “They will have to drag me off this island”

At 31 years old, Chris Hodgkins is the oldest member of Frenchboro’s Board of Selectmen.

“I enjoy it,” said Hodgkins, who moved several years ago from Northeast Harbor, where he was raised, to Frenchboro.

“I started going out there 16 years ago,” said Hodgkins, after going to high school with David Lunt’s son. “Then the island license program came around, so I moved out.”

Hodgkins is referring to a Department of Marine Resources program that allowed islanders to get lobstering licenses more quickly than their mainland counterparts.

Hodgkins attended Maine Maritime Academy and spent time scalloping in New Bedford, Mass., before he began having health issues due to unexplained blood clots and returned to Maine.

“I had to slow my life down,” Hodgkins said. But on Frenchboro, he said, his friends have rallied around him.

When he spent more than a week in the hospital in Bangor this winter, Hodgkins said, not a day passed without a visit from a fellow islander.

“The community comes together,” Hodgkins said.

“It’s almost a step back in time. You don’t have a lot of the same worries you have out here,” he added, gesturing to the mainland.

Hodgkins said he has enjoyed his time in town politics. They’ve gotten rid of some services to save money, and are trying to come up with ways to solve the perennial problems of housing: “There’s no housing for crew. There’s a lack of being able to build the tax base.”

Hodgkins doesn’t mind the quiet social scene and enjoys working on his lobstering gear in the off-season.

This is his home, Hodgkins said.

“They will have to drag me off the island.”

Kate Cough

Kate Cough

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