First elected the Waltham town clerk in 1987, Joe Jordan has won re-election every year since then. He owns and operates Jordan Brothers Garage, a landmark in Waltham. PHOTO BY BRIAN SWARTZ

Put a face on it: Town Clerk Joe Jordan

Waltham Town Clerk Joe Jordan grew up not far from where his father, Harvey, built Jordan Brothers Garage at the intersection of routes 179 and 200 in Waltham in 1959. After attending Waltham’s Longfellow School through second grade, Joe went to Cave Hill School in Eastbrook and graduated from Ellsworth High School.

The day came when “I had a choice: Either take blueberries or come here” to work, “so I came here” to the garage, Joe said. He has been there ever since.

“Kind of a landmark now,” the garage is open Monday through Friday and does general automotive service work for people living primarily in Eastbrook and Waltham, Joe said. “I work alone, so I pick and choose what I I do.”

“I repair quite a lot of small machines: lawnmowers, weed-whackers, like that,” Joe said.

Known as the “coffee crew,” locals gather “in the morning here every day” to “shoot the breeze,” and others meet for “happy hour” and to play cribbage or horseshoes in late afternoons and early evening, Joe talked about the friends and neighbors who enjoy hanging out around the garage.

He married his wife, Mary Kay, in 1981, and she soon started working at Allen’s Blueberry Freezer Inc. in Ellsworth. Mary Kay is the tax collector, treasurer and deputy town clerk for Waltham.

Joe has been Waltham’s town clerk “since 1987. I get elected every year. Nobody wants my job.” He has driven a school bus in Waltham since 1983.

The Jordans’ son, Chadd, lives in Waltham with his wife and three children. “My grandson, Lincoln Earle, this is going to be his first year of riding the bus with me, and he’s looking forward to it,” Joe said.

The Jordans’ daughter, Andrea Noddin, lives in Surry with her husband and two children.

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