Trenton Town Clerk Carol Walsh and her dog, Glory, like to watch "a lot of documentaries" when viewing TV at home together. Officially hired as the Trenton administrative assistant, Carol also serves as the treasurer, tax collector, and registrar of voters. BRIAN SWARTZ PHOTO

Put a face on it: Town Clerk Carol Walsh

Originally from Southwest Harbor, Trenton Town Clerk Carol Walsh graduated from Pemetic High School in the era when “all of the [Mount Desert] island towns had their own elementary and high schools.”

After attending Becker College in Worcester, Mass., she moved to New York City and lived there for 11 years while working “in personnel, teacher placement — international school services for oil-company town schools — and Wall Street (Bache & Co.).

“I worked right under the Brooklyn Bridge in the lower part of Manhattan,” Carol recalled.

She then worked 12 years in Boston “for three architectural firms, as an office manager, a jack of all trades most of the time.” Returning to Maine, Carol worked at the Pemetic School and Harbor House in Southwest Harbor before becoming the Southwest Harbor deputy town clerk. “I worked with the code-enforcement people and assessors as part of my job” for six and a half years, she said.

Carol was appointed Trenton town clerk in 2012. Officially titled the Trenton administrative assistant, she is also the treasurer, tax collector, and registrar of voters. She works five days a week in the town office on Oak Point Road and attends the select-board meetings, held every other Tuesday.

Carol moved to Trenton from Southwest Harbor in 2008. “I love this town. It’s really a great community. It’s close to everything I need to get to,” she said. “The neighbors are great.”

When not working, “I like to stay home with my dog, Glory, and we watch television,” especially “a lot of documentaries,” Carol said. “I do a lot of baking, too.”

One son, Joe, lives in Boston. Carol’s other son, Ben, lives in Jacksonville, Fla., with his wife and their seven children. “I make a short trip once or twice” a year to visit them, she said.

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