Meet Town Clerk Susan Macomber

The Castine town clerk for more than 20 years, Susan Macomber enjoys spending time with her son, Storme, and granddaughter, Vea, and her fiance, Scott Vogell.

Castine Town Clerk Susan Macomber was 14 when her Navy father transferred from Jacksonville, Fla., to Maine. Graduating from Bucksport High School, she later married Michael Macomber and settled in his hometown of Castine.

The Macombers had a son, Storme, and a daughter, Amber Joye, who died at age 3½. The oldest of five sisters, Susan said that “family for me is my top priority.” Her mother organizes a biennial family vacation, which most recently gathered the family together in Florida for Christmas 2018.

Involved in “lobster fishing since he got out of high school,” Storme Macomber works out of Castine for Maine Mobile Shrink Wrapping. He has a young daughter, Vea, “a big part of my life right now,” Susan said. “I have embraced grandmother-hood with all of my being.”

Susan helped a family member launch Bah’s Bakehouse in downtown Castine before Town Manager Joseph Slocum asked her to consider being the town clerk, a position she has held more than 20 years. She and Castine Treasurer/Tax Collector Karen Motycka are good friends and “are very committed to this job” and serve as each other’s deputies, Macomber said. A certified clerk of Maine, she is also the Castine registrar of voters.

Now divorced, Macomber enjoys spending time with Storme, Vea, and her fiancé, Castine native and business owner Scott Vogell; he is the town’s harbormaster. “I love boating” with him, including kayaking along the Back Shore to watch the sun set, and she and Scott have recreational lobstering licenses, Macomber said.

Describing herself as “very much a beach person,” Macomber noted that “we travel quite a bit,” sometimes to visit her father in Clearwater, Fla., other times to overseas destinations with their best friends from Castine.

“I love being on the coast,” Macomber said.

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