Educated at the one-room Monticello School in Osborn, Elwood Magoon worked 30 years for Penobscot Poultry in Belfast before returning to Osborn with his wife, Clarice. He enjoys raising perennials at his home on Moosehill Road. PHOTO BY BRIAN SWARTZ

Meet Osborn resident Elwood Magoon

While attending the Monticello School in Osborn, Elwood Magoon and his three siblings “had the same teacher [Sadie Haslam] my father [Norman] had, for all eight grades.” Elwood remembers the one-room school as “small,” with “10 or so” being the highest number of students enrolled there.

There were four Magoon children: daughter Norma and sons Elwood, David, and Stanley. “All of us boys looked alike; my father couldn’t deny any of us,” Elwood said. Norma lives in Waltham, and Elwood and Dave live only two doors apart on Moosehill Road in Osborn.

Stricken by a rare disease, Stanley died when he was 16.

Graduating from Lee Academy, Elwood moved home and then commuted to work at Morrison Chevrolet in Ellsworth. He and his wife, Clarice, later moved to Belfast, and Elwood started as a production worker at the Penobscot Poultry chicken-processing plant. Promoted to foreman, he worked 30 years for the company.

After Penobscot Poultry closed, Elwood and Clarice, who was ill, moved to Osborn, and he started working for Hall’s Cleaning in Brewer. “I went there as a worker and wound up as the head foreman,” Elwood said.

Elwood and Clarice “brought up four of our grandchildren,” and through one of them “I’ve got a brand new great-great-great granddaughter,” born earlier this year, he proudly said.

Clarice died 19 years ago on a Thanksgiving Day. “We were married for 40 years. She was the sweetest woman,” Elwood said.

He lives on Moosehill Road with his 6-year-old dog, Gigi, “a wonderful dog. He likes to go in the car, and I take him.

“I like to travel,” especially to Scranton, Pennsylvania and places in New Hampshire and New Jersey., Elwood said. “I have my flower gardens here, window boxes and one big garden. Raising perennials, it keeps me busy.”


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