Now 72, Donald Jordan has been an Aurora selectman "for probably 48-49 years" and currently chairs the select board. The twin brother of Town Clerk Donna Manzo, he raises blueberries and cuts wood on the land he owns in the Route 9 town. PHOTO BY BRIAN SWARTZ

Donald Jordan has been a selectmen for nearly 50 years

Donald Jordan, the Aurora Board of Selectmen chairman, attended the Caruso School with his twin sister, Donna, through grade eight. No bus ran to Ellsworth High School so Judge William Silsby gave Donald, then “14 or 15,” a special permit to drive.

Among the “five or six students” he transported daily was his twin sister, Donna, now the town clerk.

Donald and Donna grew up with the land, learning to farm, ride saddle horses, and cut wood; he remembers twitching logs out of the woods with horses in winter. The family cut hay, had eight milking cows, raised “a couple dozen chickens,” and sold eggs and cream in Bangor, Jordan said.

After high school, he earned an associate’s degree in business administration at Beal College. Then “I worked for myself, farming” his blueberry fields and cutting wood, he said.

“The blueberry business is the biggest thing for Aurora,” with “probably 2,000 acres” of cultivated blueberries spread across the town, Jordan said. He owns blueberry acreage stretching over Silsby Hill, and in his woodlands he cuts firewood and logs, the latter sold to sawmills and a pulp mill.

“You go wherever you get the best price,” Jordan said.

An Aurora selectman “for probably 48-49 years,” he has seen changes wrought on his hometown. Much land has passed into Tree Growth, reducing property taxes paid the town, and when the state built a Route 9 bypass south of Mace’s Store, “the town picked up a little under two miles” of additional road to maintain, he said.

A hobbyist beekeeper, Jordan enjoys gardening and “fishing for short brook trout,” and he volunteers to “help the elderly people, mowing lawns, helping them get their firewood in, whatever needs to be done.”

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