Dawn Carter, chairman of the Franklin Board of Selectmen PHOTO BY BRIAN SWARTZ

Dawn Carter’s roots are planted deep in Franklin

Dawn Carter, who chairs the Franklin Board of Selectmen, attended grades 1-8 in the current town office, the former Franklin Elementary School. She played basketball and softball at Sumner High School, studied two years at the Andover Institute in Portland, and earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island.

“I worked in Rhode Island in computers … for 20-30 years or so and then came home. That was in 2005,” Carter recalled.

Life was fast-paced in Rhode Island. “I’d reached a point where I needed to slow down,” Carter recalled. One day “my wife, Monica, she said, ‘It is time for you to go home.’ We were tired of the noise, the pollution, driving an hour to go 10 miles.”

Her parents, Bruce and Alice Carter, gave her and Monica “a piece of land. We built a house,” and many a day since then, Dawn has relished “getting up in the morning and looking out the windows and seeing Schoodic and Cadillac [mountains], hearing the quietness.”

Wildlife frequently pops up near the house, from a bear seen this spring to eagles, turkeys, and, one day before a power line went through the area, 80 deer seen feeding in nearby blueberry barrens.

Employed at the Ellsworth Wal-Mart, Carter said the best part of moving home “is knowing the people,” whether she’s at work at Wal-Mart, visiting the Franklin Trading Post, or getting out and about in Downeast Maine. She and Monica have three Chihuahuas and enjoy taking them for walks or spending time at a Georges Pond camp owned by Dawn’s family for three generations.

“I like to go fishing” for “anything that I can catch. Most of mine is catch and release,” Carter said with a smile.

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