Brooksville Town Clerk Amber Bakeman on the job 11 years

Brooksville Town Clerk Amber Bakeman grew up in Blue Hill and graduated from George Stevens Academy. She later graduated from a dental program at UMA-Bangor and then worked as “a dental assistant for a long time in Old Town.”

Amber married Brooksville native John Bakeman, and they moved from Bangor to Brooksville 17 years ago to settle in Cape Rosier, where he grew up. John works at Penobscot Bay Terminals on the River Road in Bucksport, and his uncle, Richard Bakeman, is a Brooksville selectman.

“Moving down here enabled me to be a stay-at-home mom before our children entered school,” Amber said. “I just appreciated it no end.”

Then Town Clerk Katherine Clifford (John’s great aunt) decided to retire.

“She said to me, ‘That would be a good job for you,’” Amber said. Winning election for town clerk that year, she won re-election every year afterwards and has served 11 years in her current position.

Also the registrar of voters and a notary public, Bakeman works with Office Administrator Gayle Clifford, Tax Collector Yvonne Redman, and Treasurer Frieda Peasley. “We work well together,” Bakeman said.

“We work two days and one evening a week,” with the daytime hours being 9 a.m.-2 p.m., Monday and Wednesday and the evening hours being 6-8 p.m., Thursday, Bakeman said. When her children were younger, she could spend the rest of the day with them when they got out of classes at the Brooksville Elementary School.

Today her daughter, Elana, attends college, and her son, John, is a student at GSA.

As for her town-clerk duties, “I’ve seen the job change substantially,” Bakeman said. “The state seems to be ever evolving; so much is done now on the computer and electronically.”

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