A Pennsylvania native, Sharon Linscott moved to Bangor in 2002 and Mount Desert Island in 2006. She was appointed Bar Harbor town clerk in May 2018. PHOTO BY BRIAN SWARTZ

Bar Harbor Town Clerk Sharon Linscott on the job since May

Bar Harbor Town Clerk Sharon Linscott grew up in Reading, Penn. and graduated from Central Catholic High School. She then went to Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Linscott earned a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics, a discipline designed “more for the application to the business world.” While pursuing her graduate studies in Seattle, she married her first husband there; his studies eventually brought them east to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

After the couple divorced, “I had family in Bangor, and that’s what brought me to Maine” in August 2002, Linscott said. Moving to Bar Harbor in February 2006, she worked initially for the Bar Harbor Inn, then as the Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce events coordinator.

Linscott had worked seven years for Birch Bay Village before her appointment as Bar Harbor’s deputy town clerk in October 2016. Working for Town Clerk Patricia Gray, she soon started taking Maine Town and City Clerks’ Association courses to learn a town clerk’s myriad responsibilities and to qualify in time as a certified clerk of Maine.

“Pat sent me to a lot of that training,” she said.

When Gray stepped down as town clerk, Bar Harbor officials appointed Linscott to that position on May 14, 2018. Jocelyn McLean was named the deputy town clerk in August 2018.

Linscott is married to Joel Linscott, “a third-generation islander” working in grounds maintenance at Birch Bay Village. They enjoy attending concerts and theatrical productions, “from the high school groups” to plays offered in Bangor and elsewhere, she said.

The Linscotts also like to travel. While taking a Viking Cruise tour that combined the Seine River with a Normandy visit, “we fell in love with Paris” and plan to return there this year, Sharon said.

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