Yorkie rescuer

Apparently tired of her usual routine of supervising my gardening activities, my eight-pound dog took off on an adventure recently that involved running down the middle of Route 102.

Mike Hodgdon saw her, realized it was a dog and not the muskrat he first thought her to be and stopped his truck.

Barely avoiding oncoming traffic, he scooped Sophie up and drove around the area looking for someone who knew the dog. He started driving down roads where he knew there were summer cottages. That’s where I spotted him standing there gently holding a dirty wet Yorkie under his arm.

When I burst into tears, he knew he had found the right owner.

An hour or more of calling her had produced no results, and I was beginning to be sure I would never see my beloved little girl again.

That act of kindness and patience surely saved her life and rescued mine as well. Thank you, Mike. You will always be a hero to Sophie and me.

Susan Frost


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