‘Yes’ on 6

To the Editor:

We want to express our appreciation to the Mount Desert Islander editorial staff for providing us with an uplifting message that keeps the momentum going for a community-driven plan for the ferry terminal property. Most importantly, the Islander has firmly echoed and endorsed what our townspeople want: to approve the bond issue to purchase the property next month.

As resident Dessa Dancy so clearly pointed out to us at the Town Council meeting on May 15, if we, the voters of Bar Harbor, do not vote “yes” to pass the ferry terminal bond (article 6), the land will be lost to the town forever. If we, the voters, do not approve bonding money to purchase this property, the Maine Department of Transportation will sell it on the open market.

If we, the voters, fail to buy this property, the new Shoreland Maritime Activities District allows construction of a cruise ship passenger terminal and pier of unlimited size, complete with restaurants and shops, by a major cruise line or other developer.

Thus, Bar Harbor would bear the burden of the largest cruise ships docking at the ferry terminal while the cruise lines, not local businesses, gained the benefit of passenger purchases.

Town ownership means the voters will control the development of the property. Bar Harbor is lucky to have a deep bench of talented, educated, experienced and knowledgeable people ready and willing to help transform the old Blue Nose Ferry Terminal into a marine complex open to both residents and the world.

But to preserve that chance, we must all vote “yes” on article 6 on June 12, at the Municipal Building. As this is a vote by paper ballot, voters will have the luxury of voting by absentee ballot or voting in person on election day.

Donna M. Karlson

Arthur J. Greif

Bar Harbor

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