‘Yes’ on 12, ‘no’ on 13

To the Editor:

I write this as a lifelong resident of Bar Harbor and a full-time lobsterman with more than 47 years experience on the waters of Frenchman Bay.

I urge my fellow citizens to support Article 12 on the town meeting election ballot next Tuesday, June 13.

Currently, the town pier is extremely congested on cruise ship days. People, buses, taxis and other vehicles crowd the entire area, making it difficult for us fishermen to get our work done. Also, the constant traffic from tenders that ferry passengers back and forth to the ships causes additional delays and increases the risk of a maritime accident in the harbor.

Article 13, which would ban most ships from tying up to a new dock at the former ferry terminal property, would do nothing to alleviate the current congestion and problems. So please vote “no” on Article 13 to avoid perpetuating the status quo.

We need cruise ships to help support this town economically and to help keep our property taxes down. But we also need our town pier back, which won’t happen if Article 12 doesn’t pass.

Having a modern, safe facility where ships can dock is only common sense. Please vote “yes” on Article 12 next Tuesday.

Jon Carter

Bar Harbor

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