Wrong message

To the Editor:

Having spent nearly three decades in the classroom, the barometer I use when conducting my behavior is whether or not I could stand up in front of my students and promote that behavior as appropriate.

It is a great checks-and-balances approach to life. Could you stand up in front of a class of sixth-graders and play the message that was left by Gov. Paul LePage on a representative’s voice mail and defend the behavior?

I don’t believe for a minute that anyone would.

This is not appropriate behavior and should be condemned regardless of who it is. In these times when it is becoming more socially acceptable to go after people with vicious personal attacks, we must rise up and declare enough is enough.

What is the message we are sending to our youth: that anything goes, nothing is off limits? We are headed down a road that makes life very ugly. Without civil discourse, we separate into camps, shout at each other and miss the opportunity to work together to solve Maine’s most pressing issues.

Sen. Brian Langley


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