What price?

To the Editor:

Sometimes it just feels good to get something off your chest.

When I was 13, I was part of a musical group that came and marched in the Fourth of July parade in Bar Harbor. Later on when I was in the United States Coast Guard, during the nameless war, I sailed by Bar Harbor on several occasions.

Who knew I was being drawn to live and work in Bar Harbor for the past 30 years. No, I was not born here. But Bar Harbor is where I call home.

I have seen a lot of changes over the years. Progress usually is a wonderful thing, but at what price?

The widening of Route 3 is certainly an eye opener. I hear tell that there will be a scenic turnout in Hulls Cove. Is that just an “alternative fact?” And of course, we are still faced with a parking problem for two months of the year.

I hear tell that the trees and bump-outs on Main Street will be eliminated so that we can have at least nine more parking spots. Just another “alternative fact?”

Also, we are now faced with another concern: “the wall” and who will pay for it.

I hear tell there will be another real estate revaluation; meaning our taxes will go up again – just another “alternative fact?”

But that already happened a few years back. My taxes doubled. Did yours?

Acadia National Park still has trees, but the sand recently disappeared from Sand Beach. Maybe it will come back.

But at what price?

Mike Gallant

Bar Harbor

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