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To the Editor:

I love this community. I love this island. I grew up here, I went to school here, I work here, and I am raising my kids here.

I love that our neighbors take care of one another, whether it is to help shovel the snow, fundraise for a family in need, join together to celebrate and support one of our many nonprofit organizations or come together for our beloved summer town band concerts on the Village Green.

I love the growing richness and diversity of our community – from the high caliber exhibits at the Abbe Museum expressing our rich Native American history, College of the Atlantic nurturing young minds from diverse backgrounds or the cutting edge research conducted by scientists from all over the world at The Jackson Laboratory and MDI Biological Laboratory.

In the summer, our community swells even more with people from of all races, genders, sexual identities, religions. People come here to revel in our beauty, grow our economy, take part in our community and truly make it great. I am so grateful.

I support the resolution for Bar Harbor to become a sanctuary community because I am proud to be from a community that has always strived to be welcoming and affirming. I have always considered Bar Harbor to be a safe haven, a place where people escape to have their own slice of heaven. I want the world to know that in these uncertain times, we will continue to uphold these values by clearly announcing and stating our inclusivity. That we will make sure that all people are treated with respect and dignity. That is what this resolution to become a sanctuary community on the Bar Harbor town meeting warrant is about – our values.

There is fear in this world today, especially if your skin color is brown or black, if your religion is other than Christian, if you wear a hijab, if your gender falls somewhere else on gender spectrum, if who you love shares your same identity or if your country of origin is at war. Silence speaks loudly. Let us not be silent. Let us uphold our constitution of liberty and justice for all.

Bar Harbor residents, please come and vote at town meeting on Tuesday, June 6, at 7 p.m. at Emerson School and show your support for our beautiful, diverse and thriving community. Join me in announcing to the world that we are open for business and welcome everyone!

Milja Brecher-Demuro

Bar Harbor

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