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To the Editor:

On Monday, Oct. 17, I attended the debate between Brian Langley, our state senator, and his challenger in the upcoming election, Moira O’Neill. While we were asked to write questions on cards to be submitted to the moderator, the questions chosen were generally broad in scope and of general interest.

After the debate, I had a question I wanted to have answered, so I went up to Langley to pose my question. I told him that I had read his comments after the lewd Trump tape surfaced and agreed with everything he said. However, I now wanted to know if he endorsed Trump or not.

He said he hadn’t made up his mind. When I pressed a bit harder, he said, “I guess I’ll have to make that decision in the privacy of the ballot box.” I suggested that he didn’t have that luxury. I said that I, as a private citizen, certainly had the right to the privacy of the ballot box, but that he, as my representative and a public servant, owed the voters the knowledge of where he stood on major issues, and that our upcoming votes could conceivably depend upon this information.

He said he was “undecided.” I would submit that after at least two years of exposure to both candidates, I find a lack of decision hard to fathom. I left with no answer, but a real question about Langley’s ability or willingness to commit to a position.

This lack of decision is in keeping with his inconsistent position on Medicaid expansion, something he voted for when it was before the Senate, but did not vote to uphold when it returned to the Senate after LePage vetoed it. His one vote was what was needed to ensure that 70,000 Mainers got health care coverage, and his refusal to vote to override the veto ensured that these citizens still remain with no health care coverage.

I think we deserve a representative who has the moral courage to state his positions openly, as did Susan Collins, and who is able to decide what he really thinks. Moira O’Neill does not have difficulty doing this, as was quite evident in her direct answers to all question posed to her in the debate.

Ellen L. Dohmen

Bar Harbor

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