Visioning responses

To the Editor:

I wish to thank the ferry terminal advisory committee for their hard work in evaluating options for developing the ferry terminal property. Last week, they tentatively rated a mixed maritime use that allowed tendering only of cruise ship passengers as far superior to a large cruise ship berthing pier in terms of environmental impact, financial viability and impact on the town’s economy and citizens.

Their considered opinion mirrors what Bar Harbor residents told Bermello & Ajamil this July in 127 survey responses.

I acquired those survey responses and the bar graph Bermello & Ajamil prepared from the responses pursuant to a Freedom of Access Act request to the town.

A large majority of survey respondents opposed a large berthing pier.

Only a small number of respondents were from outside Bar Harbor.

The most popular use of the terminal was a maritime facility without a cruise ship pier and the single largest concern among respondents was the environmental impact.

The ferry terminal advisory committee and the citizens of Bar Harbor share the same vision. Let us hope that the Town Council at its meeting Nov. 21 endorses our community’s vision of balance and wise use of our most precious resources: land, waters and islands we wish to pass on to generations to come.

I hope residents will write, call or email every councilor and urge them to listen to what our community wants and consider attending the Nov. 21 council meeting when this all-important decision will be made.

Donna Karlson

Bar Harbor

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