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To the Editor:

One of my favorite volunteer jobs is joining the Art Walk Bar Harbor committee in passing out 3,000 maps prior to every First Friday Art Walk.

It gives me an opportunity to say “hello” five times a summer to many of the owners and employees who welcome visitors into our town.

This month, I observed a hospitality worker checking in visitors at a lodging facility on Route 3. After completing the normal check-in paperwork, she immediately recommended that they may not want to drive into the village since parking is limited. She told the visitors they can leave their car right at the lodging facility and take the Island Explorer that runs until late evening.

She went on to explain that at the Village Green they can connect with buses to all parts of the island. Then, she handed them the Island Explorer schedule and continued with other information.

Parking is an ongoing problem in the busy summer season, and it is true that there is not always time for in-depth information about parking in the downtown as visitors check in to their hotels.

However, as time permits, we can help improve the parking situation for a better visitor experience and to benefit our local economy. If we work together to encourage walking, biking and busing into the downtown, we won’t have to pave over green space for additional automobile parking. Fewer cars circling for parking spaces make for a healthier environment.

I just wanted to publically acknowledge Leckera Gaynor of the Days Inn. Thank you for a job well done for your community.

Sherry Rasmussen

Bar Harbor

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