To the Editor:

The Republican Party has produced some of our greatest leaders. Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Margaret Chase Smith and Bill Cohen were giants.

Republican presidents and candidates for the presidency have been qualified and credible – until this year.

On numerous fronts, Donald Trump is fundamentally unqualified and unfit. This is manifest and self-evident. His disqualifying features are too numerous to list here, so let’s focus on three.

First, Trump brags about avoiding federal taxes when the rest of us work hard and pay our taxes. We can disagree on how much we should be taxed, but everyone supports funding our highway system, the military, homeland security and other necessities.

Trump is basically saying he’s happy that, with all his wealth, he doesn’t have to contribute anything for these while the rest of us do. That’s just disgusting.

Next, Trump also brags about rooting for the 2008 housing collapse because that meant cheap real estate deals for himself. Millions of people lost their homes. He was fine with that because he could make more money. How greedy and inhuman.

Finally, this man has the gall to claim all this concern about foreign trade when he happily makes his shirt, tie and furniture brands in China, Mexico and Bangladesh and said he is pleased to be employing people in those places. What a fraud and con artist.

Trump’s disqualifications run long and deep, but these three are truly appalling. Trump simply has no business being anywhere near the people’s White House.

Ron Bilancia


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