Unite now

To the Editor:

We have witnessed a historic political campaign that is ushering in a Republican Party governance of the United States unprecedented since the 19th century. Unfortunately, the hyperbolic rhetoric of the presidential campaign lingers, frightening many people unnecessarily. The United States will remain a nation of laws under the Donald Trump presidency. There will be changes, but minority groups and law-abiding immigrants have nothing to fear. Trump’s management of his businesses has demonstrated his commitment to inclusion and diversity in spite of the campaign rhetoric from all sides. The exaggerations of the campaign must be set aside if we are to work together for the common good.

It has come to my attention that some folks of all political persuasions may be fanning the fears of immigrants and minority group members. Such actions are despicable. I wrote a letter to the editor in October asking for civility during the campaign. I am now asking for restraint from using hyperbolic, campaign rhetoric in an attempt to feel vindicated of one’s beliefs by terrorizing others.

We must unite as a nation or be destroyed from within.

David W. Lind


Bar Harbor Republican Committee

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