Uninformed amateurs

To the Editor:

As a pilot based at Bar Harbor Airport (KBHB), an aquaculture enthusiast and a full time resident of Mount Desert Island, I find it tiresome to hear the complaints aired on the letters page last week from Glenn Milligan of Columbus, Ohio, about our oyster farms.

Milligan probably has a vacation house somewhere that might look out on the oyster farm. People end up thinking they own the view over the water. His account of the potential dangers of an oyster farm close to the airport is fiction. His assertion that 2,480 floats means 2,480 cormorants is ludicrous. Does he want to ban lobster fishing, which can attract gulls? Really?

He describes the danger to visual flight rule pilots who “have to fly low” to visually scan the runways for traffic. Actually not, if he means they are flying as low as cormorants.

In the Federal Aviation Administration database for Maine, there have been occasional seagull strikes with aircraft. But never one with a cormorant. Zero.

The famous crash off of LaGuardia in New York was caused by a flight of geese. Milligan’s comment that an “unbalanced prop is probably beyond most pilots’ ability to respond” is simply false.

Uninformed amateurs from away are trying to save their views by conjuring up fake dangers to aviation from important marine interests. Next they’ll want to get rid of all those “messy” lobster trap buoys!

Frank Blair

Northeast Harbor

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