Unfair proposal

To the Editor:

I write in response to the letter from Sherry Rasmussen in last week’s Islander about Bar Harbor’s parking plan.

The town has omitted a critical interested party from the free and discounted parking plan, people like me. My family is originally from Mount Desert Island, and we are lucky enough to still own an 800-square-foot summer camp in Bar Harbor, bought in 1950 after the war.

We are ordinary people, not wealthy, and it is a burden to pay our property taxes, which have increased by 600 percent in the past 25 years. We get no town services except the police if we need them; our house would burn down before the fire department could get here; we have no kids in school, no public water or septic, no plowing, no cable, no vote.

We are not even able to buy a discounted park pass (for residents) by email or phone, not being there in December.

Plainly stated: I will not pay for parking in Bar Harbor. I already avoid it due to congestion and often choose to grocery shop in Ellsworth and dine out in Southwest. I won’t pay one cent more. We have already resolved, when no one in our family wants our property, we will donate and take it off the tax rolls. We have been taken advantage of enough by the town.

Jeanne Dorey

Holland, Mass., and Bar Harbor

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