Turning a district blue

To the Editor:

I have long respected the seasoned political savvy of Jill Goldthwait, who has made many smart calls. But I think she’s wrong on the Democratic Primary race in our 2nd Congressional District. Goldthwait wrote in her column last week that Lucas St. Clair “is the mostly likely” candidate to defeat incumbent Bruce Poliquin and shift the seat blue. Nope.

State Rep. Jared Golden will win the primary and defeat Poliquin in November. Thirty-eight state representatives and senators represent districts in or partially in our congressional district. They have obvious grassroots reach. Golden now has the support of 31 of them, including our own Brian Hubbell and Walter Kumiega. After Golden’s speech to the Maine Democratic Convention Friday evening, always sober Hubbell stated on Facebook that he was now confident that Golden would be our next representative. Right.

Golden grew up in Leeds, north of Lewiston, in a family many generations in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. He has lived in the 2nd Congressional District all his life, except when serving combat tours as a Marine in Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11 and a year in Washington as a firm Democrat working for Sen. Susan Collins on homeland security. By the beginning of his second term in the Maine House Jared was chosen by his peers to be Assistant Majority Leader. He will be a leader of the large freshman Democratic class of 2018 in the House from day one.

The quality of our Democratic field in this long, good primary campaign is exhilarating. I respect the conservation leadership of St. Clair, attended his kick-off events, gave him some start-up bucks and would support him with enthusiasm should he win the primary. But after a year following the campaign to turn the 2nd Congressional District blue, I am certain that the man who can and will win in June and November is Jared Golden.

Jack Russell

Mount Desert


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