Trump’s terms

To the editor:

In last week’s Capitol Commentary column, Fred Benson warned of looming catastrophe during the Trump administration. Yet business fundamentals and consumer confidence are up, ISIS is losing in Northern Iraq, illegal border crossings are down, and natural disasters are addressed.

Now imagine the sense of catastrophe if an unlettered outsider succeeds where an elegant insider failed so spectacularly. Looking ahead, if the economy prospers and President Trump refrains from foreign adventures, voters in 2020 are likely to forgive crude and unorthodox behavior in the White House.

Yet those of us who voted for Donald Trump would surely withdraw support if he were to weaponize the IRS, the Justice Department and the intelligence services for political gain, normalize low economic growth, pass health care legislation through a series of lies and bribes, accommodate the nuclear ambitions of Iran and Russia, drop the ball on terrorism in the Middle East, signal for waves of illegal immigration, display indifference to the health care of veterans, throw a lifeline to the repressive Castro regime or look toward Hollywood as a ready source of cash and moral authority.

Benson seems to pine for that type of “leadership.” As a conservative, I believe that the best of America is worth preserving. Therefore, I quietly welcome progressives’ continued reliance on a playbook that no longer produces wins.

Seth Robins

Bar Harbor

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