Tourists unwelcome

To the Editor:

It is with dismay that I read in the Islander about the Bar Harbor council plan to propose restrictive parking in Bar Harbor, namely to reserve parking for residents, employees and selected others. The article seems to say in a rather off-handed manner to forget the tourists as they do not bring anything to the area except of course their cars.

Biking as an option is not an alternative available to most, including the elderly, the handicapped or the just plain weary. Nor is waiting around at a bus stop for delivery back to a far-removed parking lot as a desirable alternative although worthy of consideration.

Bar Harbor enjoys a major reputation as a summer resort on the Eastern Seaboard, but according to one quote in your article, that brings no benefit to individual nonbusiness owners in the area. I find this a narrow attitude, as it certainly brings income in general to the area. We all pay taxes, and some of us live in popular seasonal settings frequently visited by tourists, who are generally welcomed.

Bar Harbor is located at the doorway to one of the most popular national parks in the country. It is inevitable that tourist spillover will occur. To close the door in the face of these would-be tourists is not in the spirit of sharing and welcome that America and Bar Harbor has always been known for.

Margaret Corbett

New Haven, Conn.

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