Too much to lose

To the Editor:

We have all experienced loss. We lose friends and family, and sometimes we lose our anchor in life.

Otter Creek harbor is becoming a lost anchor for us on Mount Desert Island. Once a thriving fishing community, we now look out on a polluted inner harbor with little marine life, restricted access and a dwindling fishing industry.

I yearned for the day I would see my grandkids build their own boats and traps to bring food to their families’ and neighbors’ dinner table. That is now not to be.

We all have to work together to make sure Otter Creek harbor becomes pristine once again so dreams for our younger generation don’t die with the inner harbor. We need to support the town’s project to create a public landing in Otter Creek that is on the agenda for this year’s town meeting.

We need to do everything possible to preserve Otter Creek’s maritime heritage and public access to the water.

Kyle Jones

Mount Desert

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