To the Editor: Your life may depend on it 

To the Editor: 

As I write this, more than 205,000 of our fellow citizens have died of COVID-19. By the time you read this, another 5,000 people will have joined them. By the end of the year, the death toll of this virus could exceed the number of American combat deaths in World War II. Now President Trump and many of his senior staff have caught the virus, leaving our nation vulnerable. I wish them all a swift recovery. Watching this crisis unfold, it’s impossible not to wonder how many of these tragic losses could have been prevented. Imagine if Trump hadn’t disbanded the Directorate of Global Health Security and Biodefense, an office of the National Security Council specifically tasked with coordinating the national response to pandemic disease and other public health threats, in May 2018. Imagine how many lives could have been saved if Trump hadn’t chosen to lie about the severity of the disease when he was first informed of it, as Robert Woodward’s interviews reveal.  

I’ve been seeing yard signs all over the island: “Keep America Great.” But it’s time to ask ourselves, how great is America right now? The failures of this administration are literally killing people. We need leaders who have the courage to tell hard truths, the wisdom to think beyond the present moment and a clear commitment to do what’s best for the American people. That’s why I support the Biden/Harris ticket. This November, vote as if your life depends on – because it very well may. 

Susan Letcher 

Bar Harbor 

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